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Q1Where is the General Education Center?

A1It is on the fourth floor of the teaching building.

Q2: What are my teacher’s office hours?

A2: You can check the office hours of full-time teachers on the General Education Center's webpage.

Q3: How many categories are the elective courses of general education divided into?

A3: There are four categories: languages (languages and globalization), humanities and arts,social sciences, and natural sciences

Q4: At least how many credits for elective courses of general education do I have to acquire?

A4: A student has to earn at least 2 credits for each category of elective courses of general education prior to graduation

Q5: How are credits calculated if I take two elective courses with the same title?

A5: The credits earned for the courses with the same title can be only recognized once and cannot be regarded as credits for an elective course of general education and for a regular elective course at the same time

Q6: What are the remedial measures for fulfilling the English graduation requirement?

A6: Students who are unable to fulfill the requirement by the end of the first year at MCUT will have to take a series of compulsory courses—“Practical English” (I), (II), (III) and (IV)—in their sophomore and senior years. Starting from the 112 academic year, students are required to complete the designated TOEIC test bank online before the end of their sophomore year. Upon confirmation by the Language Center, they may then proceed to take the “Practical English” (I) and (II) courses during their senior year.

Q7What are the office hours?

A7The office hours are from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

Q8Where can I find an introduction to the classes offered by the General Education Center?

A8Please check the course introduction on the General Education Center's webpage.

Q9Where is the men's restroom in the General Education Center?

A9There is no men's restroom here, please use the one on the 3rd floor.

Q10I need the director's signature.

A10You can find the director in research room 405.