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About Us

General Education and Whole Person Education in MCUT
As a member of the vocational education system in Taiwan, MCUT attempts to enhance students’ knowledge and sharpen their professional skills in order to make them the‘most favored employees’ for enterprises. In an age of knowledge explosion and confusing social values, we have to cultivate college students’ humanistic qualities, and help them express concerns about the society and further contribute what they learn at school to the society. The society is currently filled with deceit, lying, and disorder. To solve these problems, educators must have a better understanding of the significance of personality education. Consequently, the University for years has set “whole person education”as the goal of our education. It is the aim and the mission of MCUT to educate students to develop the attitudes of ‘Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness” and the ability to effectively combine theory and practice. We establish the General Education Center to implement the idea of whole person education. By promoting and running general education courses, we aim at expanding students’ perspectives, encourage them to create and make bold changes, and improve their abilities to do lifelong learning. We expect us to be the role model of technological and vocational education.


'Whole person education' essentially refers to the education which helps students 'realize' the meaning of human values. The GE Center, via holding activities of various types and creating an inspiring environment, will help students think deeply and enrich their human spirits. To achieve the goal of whole person education, our works include, for example, deciding on specific purposes and core abilities, constituting course frameworks, developing new courses and materials, increasing instructors’competencies and abilities, and constructing a model which integrates general education with content courses. These are the tasks that the faculty and staff of the GE Center have been undertaking for years and will attempt to complete in the future.



Particularly, we intend to help all of our school teachers appreciate the importance of general education and ‘deepen’ the education that we offer. To deepen general education, we not only increase the knowledge to be acquired by our students, but emphasize the wisdom of human life. We encourage students to examine themselves constantly, and further to care about their communities, the society, the nature, and even the supernatural world. In this way, we can say that we actually implement the idea of ‘whole person education.’