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The face of today's social disorder, educators should realize the importance education of personality. Therefore, the goals of school education set for "The purpose of whole-person education is training with hard-working attitude and the simple equal emphasis on theory and practice of the people." General Education Center to establish the purpose that is in the implementation of "holistic education" philosophy, through formal, auxiliary and potential courses of the arrangements to comprehensive and interdisciplinary learning, the students open-minded and forward-looking of vision, so that it with lifelong learning and encouraging creativity and macro-noble traits of character, for technical and vocational education to establish best practices!

"Holistic education" philosophy concrete implementation in the following objectives: First, to enhance students language expression, communication and critical-thinking ability to make understanding and caring society, history, culture and beliefs, and to cultivate the attitude of lifelong learning.
Second, providing varied and extensive foreign language learning resources and the environment, enhance student competitiveness and self-development potential, to expand the international perspective.
Third, to enhance arts appreciation, conservation of aesthetic perception, nurtured both broad and deep of the cultural attainments.
Fourth, the implementation of social development, education, understanding of group relations, and to cultivate a good human interaction.
Fifth, the implementation of "hard-working and simple" motto, so that students with services to people, the noble character of a caring society.

The Center for General Education has set up four Teaching and Learning Institutes, including Chinese, Social, English and Physical Education, to take charge of the plan, execution, self-examination and improvement of the courses provided by the Center. The Center is comprised of one director, handling the administrative affairs, and 16 full-time faculty members with expertise , hands-on experience and commitment. In addition to faculty members, the Center has endeavored to obtain various government-sponsored projects such as MOE Teaching and Learning English Excellence Project and MOE Short-Term Employment Promotion Measures so as to recruit more assistants, who are dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of supplementary courses. On the aspects of strengthening students’ ability in basic courses, upgrading students’ ability in English and cultivating students’ accomplishments in humanities, there have been gradual achievement and noticeable effectiveness. This Center will make more efforts to enhance the atmosphere in humanities on campus.

In accordance with school development and in order to match up the era changes and social needs, we continue to hire on-campus and off-campus specialists and scholars to open different types of courses. We want to enhance the content of general education courses and hope that our graduates will fit the social and professional needs and have the competitive prestige while facing the dimensional society.