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Goals of the MCUT general education include:

Ⅰ、To improve students’ abilities to communicate effectively, express ideas
        clearly, and do profound thinking;

Ⅱ、To help students show concerns for the society, history, and culture,
        and further participate in social affairs;

Ⅲ、To provide rich resources and create a pleasant environment for foreign
        language learning.We expect students to be competitive and expand their
        international perspectives;

Ⅳ、To encourage students to appreciate arts and further to enrich their own
        human spirits;

Ⅴ、To implement the ‘cooperation education.’ We help students understand
        the relationships  between themselves and others, and further learn to
        respect their community members;

Ⅵ、To help students learn the school motto ‘Diligence, Perseverance,
        Frugality and Trustworthiness.’